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The Inquisition returns were usually the result of inquiries conducted by the sheriff on behalf of the crown. The purpose was almost always to determine the taxes due to the government. Inquests were either general or particular. A general inquest was taken across the entire country with every landholder obligated to make a return. A particular inquest was usually concerned with inheritance taxes due from the heir to a landed estate.

Fourteen inquests concerning the lands of Richards Castle have been found. The earliest is dated 1210 and the latest 1308. There are few surviving records in England from the period before 1200. After 1304 the Honour of Richards Castle was increasingly divided into fragments and the history of these parts has not been followed in any detail.

Between 1210 and 1308 there were at least 14 inquisitions. Seven were concerned with establishing the landholdings of deceased tenants of the crown for the purposes of inheritance and tax. Two were special taxes granted by Parliament to the king, one to provide a dowry for a daughter of the king, and the other to provide funds for a war in Gascony in France. Another seems to have been solely to compile a list of taxpayers in the country, and others appear to be fragments of inquisitions where the purposes are not obvious.

The list of inquisitions given here is:-

1210-12 An inquistion which concerns Robert de Mortimer. Mortimer had married Margery de Say, heiress of Richards Castle, and had died in 1209. The information is partial.

1211-1212 This inquistion is known as the Great Inquest of Service. The government wanted an uptodate list of taxpayers and their obligations to pay tax.

1219 This appears to be a further inquest concerning Robert de Mortimer. Margery de Say had married, or was about to marry, William de Stuteville. Stuteville was entitled to full control and profits from the lands of Richards Castle. It is possible that the Treasury was separating Mortimer's own lands from those of Richards Castle.

1230 An inquisition return, or fragment of this, possibly made post-mortem, concerns three tenants of the Honour of Richards Castle.

1235 This was concerned with the collection of an Aid for the marriage of the king's daughter.

1240 An inquisition return, or fragment of this, possibly made post-mortem, concerns seven tenants of the Honour of Richards Castle.

1242 The government was funding the war in Gascony by a general taxation called Scutage.

1243 This appears to be a supplementary inquisition. Possibly the earlier return was unsatisfactory in some details.

1255 An inquisition return, or fragment of this, possibly made post-mortem, concerns four tenants of the Honour of Richards Castle. It seems to relate to the death of Margery de Say, the heiress of the Honour. Her husband, William de Stuteville, was permitted to retain his control of the lands of the Honour until his death, by a right called the Courtesy of England. If a man held land solely in his wife's right, and they had offspring, he could continue as landholder, but on his death the land reverted to the legitimate heirs. In this case Hugh de Mortimer, as his mother's heir, was kept out of his inheritance until the death of Stuteville in 1260. Stuteville appears to have provided adequately for Mortimer in the intervening period.

1260 This inquisition was concerned solely with the lands of Richards Castle and was taken after the death of William de Stuteville.

1275 This inquisition was concerned solely with the lands of Richards Castle and was taken after the death of Hugh de Mortimer.

1287 This inquisition was concerned solely with the lands of Richards Castle and was taken after the death of Robert de Mortimer.

1308 This inquisition was concerned solely with the fragment of the lands of Richards Castle held by Joan de Mortimer and her husband de Bikenore. It was taken after the death of Bikenore, when Joan, as a widow of marriageable age, could be offered in marriage to the profit of the crown.

1330 The lords of Richards Castle held two manors of Thomas Bardulf and these appear on the inquisition return made after his decease.

The requisitions are valuable in that they provide lists of the lands held by the Honour of Richards Castle, and in many cases state who is actually holding these lands. The holders of these lands rendered services to the lord of the Honour. These services were usually military but payment in lieu of service was not uncommon. There may also have been an annual rent payable to the lord but this is not specifically stated, and may have been commonly understood.

The abbreviation 1KF means one knights fee. A knights fee was usually reckoned to be 5 hides or 600 acres, and to be worth 20 pounds per annum. The holder of a 1/4KF may have held 150 acres, and this land was nominally worth five pounds per annum. All computations were approximate only, and might not reflect the true situation.



1210-2 Honour of Richards Castle in Shropshire

Philip de Grete 2/3KF Samson de Estham 1/6KF William de Spineto 1/6KF William de Mulestone 1/2KF Stephen de Almerige 1/4KF William Carbonel 1/2KF Robert de Overtone 1/4KF Ralph de Halectone 1/20KF Adam de Kingesmede 1/3KF Jordan de Alneto 1/4KF Ranulf de Solers 1/4KF Engeram de Fraxino 1/4KF William de Witintone sergeanty

1210-2 Mortimer of Richards Castle : Fees

Tenants of the Honour of Brittany in Norfolk and Suffolk Costeseiam : Robert de Mortimer

Hereford Robert de Mortimer : 23KF

Military Tenants in Essex and Hertford

Little Wodeham : Robert de Mortimer 1/2KF

Tenants of Peverell of London in Essex and Hertford Little Wodeham : Robert de Mortimer 1KF

Military Tenants in Shropshire Robert de Mortimer 5 1/2KF 1211-2 A1211:1 R.C. Manors


Molintone ten Prior of Kenilworth 1/2KF Bereford ten Nicholas de Verdone 1/6KF Ferneberge ten Herbert de Muchegros 1/4KF Ferneberge ten Robert de Mongumery 1/8KF Hildeberwood ten William Corbicon 1/4KF & 1/10KF Hipeley ten Deonisia de Bereford 1/2KF Bilneye ten David de Lindesy 1/4KF


Olintone ten Hugo de Olintone 1/2KF Neutone ten Roger de Oyli 1/2KF Luctone ten William Frusselu 1/2KF Sciptone ten Stephen de Ambrige 1/4KF


Cudintone ten Ralph de Saucey 1/2KF


Licheberge ten Roger Poher 1/4KF


Siville ten Richard de Sey 1KF


Coleshulle ten Stephen de Ambrige 1/2KF

1211-2 A1211:2

Herefordshire Fees

Pullesdone (Puttlesdon) 1211-2 Richd de Curcedhum 1KF 1235 Rich'd de Curcun 1/10KF 1240 Richd de Curcun 1/10KF 1287 William de Curcun 1KF

Yarepole 1211-2 Richd de Kynardele 1/4KF 1211-2 Jordan de Ludefort 1/4KF 1287 Walter Hakelutel 1/4KF

Wile 1211-2 Henry de la Lande 1/4KF 1287 Henry de la Launde 1/4KF

Brockmanton 1235? Richd de Curcun 1/5KF 1240 Richd de Curcun 1/5KF

Richards Castle 1235 John Sturmy 1/2KF 1235 Richard de Kinardesley 1/4KF 1235 Jordan de Ludeford 1/4KF 1240 John Sturmy 1/2KF 1240 Richd de Kinardesleye 1/4KF 1240 Jordan de Ludeford 1/4KF

Colinton 1235 Adam de Colinton 1/4KF 1240 Adam de Colinton 1/4KF

Maghene Maurici 1235 Roger de Maghene 1/5KF 1240 Roger de Maghene 1/5KF

Salebir 1235 John le Moyne 1/16KF 1240 John le Moyne 1/16KF

Rochesford 1275 unnamed: held of Clifford 1/4KF

Buton 1287 Thomas de Brompton 2/3KF

La Caumbe 1287 Bernard le Bret 1/2KF

La Ashe 1287 John de St.Audoneo 1/3KF

Brompton 1287 William de Curcun 1/4KF

Staunton and Mordeleye 1287 Walter de Hopton 1/4KF

1211-2 A1211:3 Worcestershire Knights Fees

Tametebiria, Heslowe and Alintone 1211-2 Walter de Clifford 2KF 1287 John Giffard 2KF

Sutton 1211-2 John Sturmy 1 1/2KF 1287 John Sturmy

Cure and Stanford 1211-2 John Wyard 1/2KF 1287 John Wyard 1/2KF

Edvin 1211-2 John de Loges 1/2KF 1287 The heirs of William de Loges 1/2KF

Carkedone 1211-2 Hugo de Milville 1/2KF 1287 Hugh de Mortemer 1/2KF

Sildeley 1211-2 John Walensis 1/2KF 1287 Henry le Waleys 1/2KF

Sapy 1211-2 Miles Pichard 1/4KF 1287 Miles Pichard 1/4KF

Ymeney 1211-2 Wlliam Corbet 1KF 1287 Peter Corbet 1KF

Estwode 1211-2 William Corbet 1/2KF

Estwode Savage 1211-2 Thom de Arderne 1/4KF 1287 Thomas de Arderne 1/2KF & 1/4KF

Elmbridge 1211-2 Steph de Ambrige 1/3KF 1287 Adam de Elmbridge 1KF & 1/6KF

1211-2 Richd de Hanewode 1/10KF 1287 Robt de Hanewode 1/10KF

Pershulle 1211-2 John de Porinore 1/5KF 1287 Henry Peremort 1/2KF

Wichbold no details, unless the following manors are subsumed.

Coderidge 1275 John fitzHugh 1/12KF 1287 John fitzHugh 1/12KF

Hulestone no details

Ham no details

Kingsland 1287 Rocelin de Kingsland 1/5KF

Croule 1287 William de Beauchamp 1KF

Clifton 1287 Roger de Mortemer 1KF

Over Sapey 1287 John Sturmy fee not stated

1211-2 A1211:4 Shropshire Knights Fees

Ashford Bowdler 1211-2 Henry de Boulers 1/4KF 1230 Henry de Boulers 1/4KF 1287 Robert de Boulers 1/4KF

Overton and Hulle 1211-2 Henry Hubald 1/2KF 1230 Henry Hubald of Ludlow 1/2KF

Overton 1211-2 Robt de Overtone 1/4KF 1230 Robt de Overtone 1/4KF 1287 John de Overton 1/4KF

Batchcott 1255 Geoffrey Leky and William de la Hulle No fee stated

Mora 1255 Will de Bachecott No fee stated

Whitebroc 1255 Walter Hakelutel No fee stated

Turford 1255 Templars No fee stated

Ashford Carbonel 1175-85 William Carbonel 1/2KF 1211-2 Hugo Carbonel 1/2KF 1287 Richd Carbonel 1/2KF

Overton in Burford 1175-85 William Carbonel No fee stated 1287 Richd Carbonel "

Wolverton 1211-2 Pagan Carbonel 1/4KF 1287 William Carbonel 1/4KF

Wolferton 1211-2 Robert de Haltone 1/20KF

Grete 1211-2 Geoff de Grete 2/3KF 1287 Geoffrey de Grete 2/3KF

Stokes 1211-2 Marg & Rog de Estham 1/3KF 1287 Henry le Moneour & Robt de Muncelow 1/2KF

Hulle 1211-2 Robt de la Hulle 1/12KF 1287 Adam de la Hulle 1/11KF

Tilsop 1211-2 Steph de Ambrige 1/3KF

Milson 1211-2 Will de Mulestone 1/2KF 1287 Heirs of W de Mulestone 1/2KF

Nene 1211-2 Will de Solers 1KF 1287 Edmund de Mortemer 1KF

Tetneshulle and Merebroc 1211-2 Adam de Arundel 1/2KF 1287 Peter Corbet 1/2KF

Ramesleye and Eseberge 1211-2 Roger Poher 1KF 1287 Roger le Power No fee stated

Wetemore 1211-2 Richd de Wetemore 1/4KF

Esses or Nash 1211-2 Walter de Esses 1/2KF

Weston 1287 Heirs of Roger de Clifford 1/2KF

Badger or Baggeshoure 1287 Roger le Power No fee stated

Kyngesmead 1287 Ralph de Lingeyne 1/3KF

Stannege 1287 Brian de Brompton 1/4KF

Overton 1287 Lawrence de Lodelawe No fee stated

Kyngesmead 1287 John Sturmy 1/2KF

Asshe 1287 John Sturmy 1/4KF

Stepleton 1287 William fitzRandolph 1/40KF

Bureford no details given

1211-2 A1211:5


Temetebiria, Heslow, and Alintone Walter de Clifford 2KF

Suttone John Esturmy 1 1/2KF

Cure and Stanford John Wiard 1/2KF

Yedefen John de Loges 1/2KF

Carkedone Hugo de Mileville 1/2KF

Sildeley John Walensis 1/2KF

Sapey Milo Pichard 1/4KF

Ymeney William Corbet 1KF

Estwode William Corbet 1/2KF

Estwode Salvage Thomas de Arderne 1/4KF

Elmbridge Stephen de Ambrige 1/3KF

Elingbrige Richard de Hanewode 1/10KF

Pershulle John de Porinore 1/5KF

1211-2 A1211:5 Red Book of the Exchequer

Honour of Richards Castle


Pullesdone Richard de Churechum 1KF Yarepole Richard de Kynardele 1/4KF Yarepole Jordan de Ludeford 1/4KF Wile Henry de la Londe 1/4KF


Overton and Hulle Henry Hubold 1/2KF Esford Henry de Boulers 1/4KF Overtone Robert de Overtone 1/4KF Wolvertone Pagan Carbonel 1/4KF Wolfertone Robert de Haltone 1/20KF Esseford Hugo Carbonel 1/2KF Grete Geoffrey de Grete 2/3KF Stokes Margareta and Roger de Estham 1/3KF Hulle Robert de la Hulle 1/12KF Tilleshope Stephen de Ambrige 1/3KF Mulestone William de Mulestone 1/2KF Nene William de Solers 1KF Tetneshulle & Marebroc Adam de Arundel 1/2KF Ramesleye & Eseberge Roger Poher 1KF Wetemore Richard de Wetemore 1/4KF Esses Walter de Esses 1/2KF

1219 A1219:1 Testa de Neville

Robert de Mortimer held Tametebir Clifton Sapy Cura Jadefen (Woodfen) Sheldeslegh Sutton Stanfort

He held these manors for the service of 4 1/4KF of the gift of the king with the daughter and heir of Hugh de Say.

1235 A1235:1 Fee of William de Stoteville


Ignardus filius Stephani in Coleshull dimidiam feodum de feodo Willelmi de Stoteville.


Thomas filius Sampsonis tenet tres parte unius feodi in Lichesbarue.

1235 A1235:2 The Stuteville Fee

Croleg ten Roger le Poer 1KF Imenye ten William Corbet 1KF Astwode ten Richard de Estwode 1/2KF Astwode ten Sibill de Peremort 1/2KF Astwode ten Petronilla le Savage 1/4KF Elmbridge ten Stephen de Elmbridge 1/5KF Temettbury ten Walter de Clifford 1/2KF Alreton ten Richard de Karesy 1/2KF Sapy ten Sibill Sturmy ) Sapy ten Matilda Pichard ) 1/2KF Clifton ten Robert de Clifton 1 KF Karketon ten Hugh de Mileville 1/4KF Cure ten John Wyard 1/2KF Wodefen ten John de Loges 1/4KF Seldeleg ten John le Waleys 1/2KF Sutton ten John Sturmy 1 KF



1235 A1235:3 The Fee of the Honour of Castle Richard held by W. de Stuteville.

Sapi Pichard ten Milo Pichard 1/4KF Sapi ten John Sturmi 1/4KF Clifton ten Robert de Clifton 1KF Seldesleg le Waleys ten John le Waleys 1/2KF Stanford Esturmi ten John Sturmi 1/4KF Karkedon ten Hugh de Milleville 1/4KF Ymeneye ten William, Thomas Corbet 1KF Astwode Robert ten Robert de Astwode of Thomas Corbet 1/2KF Elmrugge ten Ynard de Elenrugge 1/4KF Elmrugge ten Reginald de Hanewode 1/10KF Purshull ten John de Munniru 1/2KF Croete ten Walter Hacket of Roger le Poer of W. de Beauchamp 1KF

1235 A1235:4 Testa de Neville Barony of Stuteville

Merebroc ten Ad. de Arondel None Baudewin ten Walter de Esse Tileshop ten Ichenard de Tileshop Grete ten Geoffrey de Grete Hintes ten Roger de Foxcot Esseford ten Hugh Carbonel Wetemor ten John Storam Overton ten Robt de Overton Mulston ten William de Muliston Hulle ten Henry Hubaut Esseford ten Henry de Bodleys (Bowdler) Hulle ten Hugh de Hulle


1235 A1235:5 Testa de Neville

William de Stuteville held:- Imenye (tenant William Corbet for 1KF) Estwode (tenant Savage) Elmbridge Purshull Croete Clifton Seldesleg Stanford Esturmy Karledon Sapi


Fees of Richards Castle in Warwickshire Farneberue 1 1/4KF Mollinton 1 KF Bereford 1/2 KF Dunneschirch 1/2 KF Bilneye 1/4 KF Hilberworth 1/2KF Yppeleg 1 KF (ten Henry Hubouth)

1236 A1236:1 Book of Fees: p609


Fees of Stuteville

Ymmenie : William Corbet 1KF of Thomas Corbet Purihell : John de Munviron 1/2KF Estwode : Robert de Estwod 1/2KF of Thomas Corbet Helrung : Ichenard de Elrung 1/3KF Estwode : Geoffrey Dispensator 1/4KF Carkedone : W. de Milevile 1/4KF Croueleg : Roger le Poer 1KF of W de Beauchamp Cure : John Wyard 1/2KF Clifton : Robert de Clifton 1KF Tamettebir : Roger de Clifford 1/2KF

The services of Robert de Clifton, who is entered here as one of the tenants of W de Stuteville were, in 1243, transferred by him to Hugh de Mortemer. Hugh de Mortemer of Wigmore died in 1227 and was succeeded by his brother Ralph who died in 1246. The Hugh de Mortemer referred to above was therefore Hugh de Mortemer of Richards Castle, and the transfer resulted in no change to the fees of Richards Castle.

In 1236 the Aid in Worcestershire was paid by Stephen fitzIsnard of Elmbridge who, in 1220, contributed to the carucage in respect of Coleshill in Berkshire. In 1242 he is represented in Worcestershire by Isnard fitzStephen who also held Coleshill, Berkshire, under W. de Stuteville.


1242-3 A1242:1 Book of Fees; p965 & 973

Salop and Stafford

Baronia de W de Stotevill

Merebroc : Adam de Arondel 1/2KF Nene Baudwin : Walter de Esse et participas 1KF Tileshop : Ichenard de Tileshop 1/3KF Grete : Geoffrey de Grete 1KF Hintes : Roger de Foxcot et participas 1/2KF Esseford : Hugo Carbonel 1/2KF Wetemor : John Sturmi 1/4KF Overton : Robert de Overton 1/4KF Mulston : William de Mulston 1/2KF Hulle : Henry Hubaut 1/2KF Esseford : Henry de Bodlers 1/4KF Hulle ; Hugo de Hulle 1/11KF Hopi : Robert Bagard 1/2KF

1242 A1242:2 Book of Fees; p959


Feoda Castri Ricardi que Willelmi de Stutevill tenet

Ydefen Loges William de Loges 1/4KF Cure Wyard John Wiard 1/2KF Temettebyr Roger de Clifford 1/2KF of Walter de Clifford Holreton Richard de Karsy 1/2KF of William de Wasseburne of Roger de Clifford of Walter de Clifford Sapi Pichard Milo Pichard 1/4KF Sapi John Sturmi 1/4KF Clifton Robert de Clifton 1KF Seldesleg le Waleis John le Waleis 1/2KF Stanford Esturmi John Sturmi 1/4KF Karkeden Hugo de Milevile 1/4KF Ymeneye William Corbet 1KF of Thomas Corbet Astwode Roberti Robert de Astwode 1/2KF of Thomas Corbet Elmrugge Inardus de Elmrugge 1/4KF Elmrugge Reginald de Hanewode 1/10KF Purshull John de Munviron 1/2KF Croele Walter Haket 1KF of Roger le Poher of W de Beauchamp

1242 A1242:3 Book of Fees; p948

Warwick and Leicester

Feoda Castri Ricardi

Farneberwe Nicholas de Say 1/4KF Dunneschirch John de Dunehevet 1/2KF Bereford Henry de Nafford 1/2KF of Roesia de Verdon Farneberwe Thomas de Say 1KF Farneberwe Walter de Oclinton 1/20KF Mollinton Agnes de Cagchelewe 1/2KF of Thomas de Arden Mollinton Prior of Kenilworth 1/2KF Ippeleg Henry Hubald 1KF Buninton Ralph de Buninton 1/5KF of William de Cantilupe Grafton William de Grafton 1/4KF of John Sturmy of William de Curly Bilney Abbot of Cumbe & Geoffrey de Bilney 1/4KF

1242-3 Book of Fees: p798


Leominster Hundred Brocmantona : Richard de Kurcun 1/5 or 1/10 KF of Stuteville of Bureford.

Stratford Hundred Middleton : Richard de Middleton in socage of Hugo de Myleville of Richards Castle Neuton : Philip de Sarnesfield 1/10 KF (?) of the heirs of John de Loges in socage of Richards Castle.

Brockes Esse Hundred Colinton : Adam de Colinton 1/4KF of Richards Castle Magene Maurici : Roger de Maghene 1KF or 1/5KF of Richard de Curcun of Richards Castle Salebiri : John le Muygne 1/16KF (?) of Richard de Curcun of Richards Castle

Wulfeye Hundred Ludeford : Jordan de Ludeford in socage of Inard de Aumeruge of Richards Castle. Richards Castle : John Esturmy 1/2 KF or 1KF of Richards Castle Richard de Kinardesley 1/4KF of Richards Castle Jordan de Ludeford 1/4KF of Robert Mortimer of Richards Castle Wyle : Heirs of Henry de la Launde 1/4KF of Richards Castle Puttlesdune : Richard de Curcun 1/3KF of Richards Castle.


1243 Richards Castle

Richards Castle was split between Herefordshire and Shropshire. The Herefordshire portion was rated as 3 hides, and the Shropshire portion as 5 hides.

In 1243 the Herefordshire portion was held as three separate fees. These were:- 1. John Esturmi 1/2KF 2. Richard de Kinardesley 1/4KF 3. Jordan de Ludeford 1/4KF

The Shropshire portion was known as the Franchalimot of Wollerton. Of the 5 hides one was held in demesne by the lords of Richards Castle. In 1255 William de Stuteville, former husband of Margery de Say, held it by the Courtesy of England. The other four hides were in service and were held as follows:- 1. Wolverton : Robert de Halton 1/20KF 2. Ashford Bowdler : Henry de Boulers (1230) 1/4KF of Grete 3. Hubauds Fee: Overton and Hulle: Henry Hubaud (1230) 1/2KF of Ludlow. 4. Overton's Fee : Robert de Overtone (1230) 1/4KF 5. Batchcott : Geoffrey Leky and William de la Hulle.(1255) 6. Mora: William de Bachecott (1255) 7. Whitebroc : Walter Hakelutel (1255) 8. Turford : The Templars.


1260 A1260:1 IPM William de Stutevill ; 43H3

Hugh de Mortimer, aged 40, son of Margery sometime the wife of the said William, is her heir.

Worcester: Wychebaud manor, held of the King of the inheritance of Margery sometime his wife. Coderugge manor, similarly held Huweleston township, held of the bishop of Worcester.

Salop: Bureford manor, held in chief of the inheritance of Marjory sometime his wife. Wulfeton manor with the free Hay, similarly held. Stepelton manor with Wylileg' Welshry, similarly held.

This document establishes the date of death of William de Stuteville.

1275 A1275:1 IPM Hugh de Mortimer of Richards Castle; 3E1

Robert de Mortimer, his son, is heir.

Hereford: Richards Castle; held in chief by barony, pertaining to Bureford. Rachesford; held of the fee of Clifford for 1/4KF

Salop: Bureford; the manor, with 2parts of the advowson of the church, the third part pertaining to the lord of Grete. And the pleas and perquisites of the hundred of Ovres, which used to be worth 6 marks, but Roger de Mortimer and the abbot of Wigemore have withdrawn 3 marks to themselves, held of the King by barony. And there pertain to the barony of Bureford 32 1/4 knights fees in divers counties.

Stepelton; the manor held of the King by the barony of Bureford.

Worcester: Wichebaud; the manor held in chief pertaining to Bureford. 1KF of the manor is held by Peter Corbet 1/4KF is held by Thomas de Arderne 1KF is held by Adam de Elmebrug 1/2KF is held by Henry Peremort 1/2KF is held by Grimbald Pancefot 1/10KF is held by Joan de Hanewode all rendering nothing but suit at court.

Codrugg; the manor, with the advowson of the church of All Saints, Worcester, held in chief. 1/12KF of the manor is held by John fitzHugh.

Hulestone; 1/2KF held of the bishop of Worcester

Homm; tenement held in chief by barony as aforesaid.

This document establishes the date of death of the first Mortimer lord of Richards Castle.

1287 A1287:1 IPM Robert de Mortimer of Richards Castle: 15E1


Crudington; a moiety of the manor held by Richard de Williamcote for 1/2KF


Merch; the manor held by Thomas de Huntleye for 1/2KF Kyngeston; the manor held by John de wygeton for 1/2KF


Olynton; the manor held by John de Olynton fot 1/2KF Newynton; the manor held by Little Malvern Priory for 1/2KF Luckington; the hamlet held by the heirs of Frusshelm for 1/2KF Dumbelton; the manor held by the abbot of Abindon for 1KF


Lecchesbarewe; held by William le Pouer for 3/4KF


Pudlesden; the manor held by William de Cursun for 1KF Wyle; the manor held by Henry de la Launde for 1/4KF Yarpol; 2 carucates held by Walter Hakelutel for 1/4KF Buton; the manor held by Thomas de Brompton for 2/3KF La Caumbe; the manor held by Bernard le Bret fot 1/2KF La Asshe; the manor held by John de St.Audoneo for 1/3KF Brompton: the hamlet held by William de Cursun for 1/4KF Richards Castle; the advowson of the church Staunton and Moldeleye; the hamlets held by Walter de Hopton for 1/2KF


Ipsley; the manor held by Henry Hubaud for 1/2KF Nether Grafton; the hamlet held by John Sturmy for 1/4KF Bilne y; a moiety held by Coombe abbey for 1/4KF Molinton; a moiety held by Kenilworth for 1/2KF Molinton; a moiety held by Thomas de Arderne for 1/2KF Dunchurch; the manor held by John Denheved for 1KF Bereford; the township held by Theobals de Verdun for 1/2KF Farnborough; the manor held by Jordan de Say for 1KF Farnborough; 1/2 carucate held by Henry Mile for 1/16KF Farnborough; 2 carucates held by the heirs of William de Haulton for 1/2KF.


Nene Solers; the manor held by Edmund deMortimer for 1KF Tetneshull and Marebrok; the manor held by Peter Corbet for 1KF Mulston; the manor held by the heir of William Mulston for 1/2KF Weston; the hamlet held by the heirs of Roger de Clifford for 1/2KF Tileshope; the manor held by Adam de Aumerugg for 1/3KF Rommesleye & Baggeshouere; the manors held by Roger le Pouer for 1KF Kyngeshemed; held by Ralph de Lingeyne for 1/3KF Stannege; the hamlet held by Brian de Brompton for 1/4KF Overton; held by Lawrence de Lodelowe by 1/2KF in free socage Kingesmehed & Asshe; the manors held by John Sturmy by 1/2KF & 1/4KF Grete; the manor held by Geoffrey de Grete for 2/3KF Stoke; the hamlet held by Henry le Moneour & Robert de Muncelowe for 1/3KF La Hulle; the hamlet held by Adam de la Hulle by 1/11KF Ashford Carbonel & Overton; the manors held by Richard Carbonel by 1/2KF Ashford Bollers; the manor held by Robert de Boulers for 1/4KF Overton; held by John de Overton for 1/4KF Wulferton; 1 carucate held by William Carbonel for 1/4KF Stepelton; 1/2 carucate held by William fitzRandolf for 1/40KF Bureford; the advowson which isdivided into three portions.


Imeneye; the manor held by Peter Corbet for 1KF Astwood; the manor held by Thomas de Ardern for 1/2KF and 1/4KF Kyngeslond; the hamlet held by Rocelin de Kyngeslonde for 1/5KF Aumerugg; the manor held by Adam de Elmerugg for 1KF & 1/6KF Purshull; the manor held by Henry Peremort for 1/2KF Almerugg; the hamlet held by Robert de Hanewood for 1/10KF Croule; the manor held by William de Beauchamp for 1KF Coderugg; 1 carucate held by John fitzHugh for 1/12KF Clifton; the manor held by Roger de Mortimer for 1KF Schedesleye; the manor held by Henry le Waleys for 1/2KF Sapye; the manor held by Miles Pichard for 1/4KF Sutton & Over Sapye; the manors held by John Sturmy for 1 1/4KF Temedeburi; the manor held by John Giffard for 2KF Cure; the manor held by John Wyard for 1/2KF Ieddefen; the manor held by the heirs of William de Loges for 1/2KF Karkedon; the manor held by Hugh de Mortimer for 1/2KF

1296 A1296:1 Devon Feet of Fines

The Bishop of Bath and Welles versus Hugh de Mortimer re the manors of:- Farley, Hampshire Aumbreden, Essex Hobrigg, Essex Nymington Regis or King's Nympton, Devon Norton, Northants Coderigg, Worcestershire Burford, Salop.

1297 A1297:1 In 1297 Hugh de Mortimer of Castle Richard conveyed to his trustee, the Bishop of Bath and Wells, his manors of:- Farleye, Hampshire Aumbreden, Essex Hobrigg, Essex Nymington Regis, Devon Norton, Northamptonshire Cotheridge, Worcestershire Burford, Shropshire

1330 A1330:1 IPM: Thomas Bardolf: 3EIII


Berewyke and Wengetone 12 rent in the manors which are held by John Marmion, who holds of the heirs of Hugh de Mortemer of Richards Castle, in socage, by the service of rendering a clove gilly flower yearly.


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