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The Dynasties of Richards Castle

There were eight successive lords of Richards Castle of the FitzRichard family. The line terminated in an heiress and the Honour passed by marriage to the Mortimer family. There were four Mortimer lords the last leaving two daughters, with the result that the Honour was divided.



The FitzRichard Lords of the Honour

1. 1042-1071 Richard Scrob, bc1000 died 1071  m. Fffff of Flanders 

2. 1071-1100 Osbern FitzRichard, bc1025 died 1100  m. Nesta, da of Gruffydd 

3. 1100-1119 Hugh FitzOsbern bc1050 died 1119 m. 1. da of D'Arcy 2. da. of Percy 

4. 1119-1139 Osbern FitzHugh (Osbert Meschin) bc1075 died 1139 m. Fffff, da of Colegrim 

5. 1139-1158 Hugh FitzOsbert bc1100 died 1158 m. Eustachia de Say 

6. 1158 -1185 Osbert FitzHugh, bc1125 died 1185  m. Amicia, da of Walter de Clifford 

7. 1185-1190 Hugh de Say (I), bc1125 died 1190  m. Lucia, da of Walter de Clifford 

8. 1190-1196 Hugh de Say (II), bc1150 died 1196  m. Mabel, da of Robert Marmion Mabel was the daughter of Robert Marmion of Tamworth Castle and Matilda de Beauchamp. Her two sisters married Oliver de Harcourt and William de Lizures. Hugh de Say was succeeded by his daughter Margery

9. 1196-  Margery de Say bc 1175 died  who married three times, to 1. Hugh de Ferrers 2. Robert de Mortimer 3. William de Stuteville

10. 1196-1204 Hugh de Ferrers (db 1204) 

Hugh de Ferrers was the son of Walchelin de Ferrers (db1201) and the younger brother of his successor, Henry de Ferrers. 

There were no children of the Ferrers marriage and the Honour of Richards Castle ultimately descended to the Mortemers.

11. 1204-1204 William de Cantelupe, had custody of the Honour, 1204. 



The Mortimers 


The Mortimers held the Honour of Richards Castle from 1204 to 1304. This period was interupted by the tenure of William Stuteville who held the Honour from 1209 to 1260 by a right known as the courtesy of England. The Courtesy of England permitted the husband of an heiress to retain her lands for as long as he lived after her death.

12. 1204c- 1209 Robert de Mortimer, (db 1209), husband of Margery de Say 

13. 1209c- 1260 William de Stuteville, died 1260, husband of Margery de Say 

14. 1260-1275 Hugh Mortimer (died 1275) 

15. 1275-1287 Robert Mortimer ( died 1287) 

16. 1287-1304 Hugh Mortimer (wife = Maud) (died 1304) 

The Honour was divided after the death of Hugh Mortimer, and was never a single entity again. His widow Maud Mortimer had her dower in Ham Castle and Woodmanton.


The Divided Honour


Hugh Mortimer was succeeded in 1304 by two daughters, Margaret and Joan. Margaret married Geoffrey Cornwall and Joan married Richard Talbot.. The Honour was divided between Richard Talbot and Geoffrey Cornwall Talbot receiving the Wychbold Division and Cornwall the Burford Division.


Burford Division

Geoffrey and Margaret Cornwall received the Burford portion.

The Burford Division consisted of:- 


Clifton on Teme 

Tenbury Wells 

Kyre Wyard 

Stoke Bliss with Kyre Parva `

Noverton, Little Stanford

The follwing were held jointly with the lord of the Wychbold Division:- 

Carton in Bayton 

Lower Sapey

The Burford Division remained in the hands of the Cornwalls for two hundred years.


Wychbold Division

Richard Talbot married Joan Mortimer and became lord of the Wychbold Division of the Honour of Richards Castle.

The Wychbold Division consisted of:- 

Naunton, Gloucestershire 

Crowle Hackett 

Edvin Loach 

Sutton Sturmy 





Richards Castle 

The following were held jointly with the lord of Burford Division.:- 

Carton in Bayton 

Lower Sapey 

Tenbury Wells was held in fee as a tenancy of Burford.

John Talbot, son of Richard, was the next lord of Wychbold and died in 1355. His wife was named Juliana. 

John Talbot, son of John, succeeded and died in 1375.

Richard Talbot, son of John, succeeded, and died in 1382. 

John Talbot, son of Richard, succeeded and died in 1386. He had no children and was succeeded by his three sisters, Elizabeth, Philippa, and Eleanor. 

Elizabeth married Warn Archdekne and Philippa married Matthew Gurney. Eleanor died in 1390 unmarried. 


Division of Wychbold


1386 Talbot's portion (Wichbold) divided between 1. Warin Archdekne 2. Matthew Gurney

Archdekne Part

Naunton, Gloucestershire, went to Archdekne.

Gurney Part

1386 -    Matthew Gurney

Matthew and Philippa Gurney had one child, a daughter named Eleanor who married Walter Lucy.

Walter Lucy

The Lucy inheritance included:- 

Crowle Hackett 

Sutton Sturmy 

Edvin Loach 

Richards Castle 

Tenbury Wells, held of Burford. 




  - 1461 William Lucy

William, son of Walter Lucy, died without issue in 1461, and was succeeded by his two sisters, Eleanor and Maud. Eleanor married Thomas Hopton and Maud married William Vaux of Hawarden

Division of the Gurney and Lucy Part

1461 The Gurney and Lucy part was divided in 1461 between 1. Thomas Hopton 2. William Vaux

Hopton Part of the Gurney Inheritance

Thomas and Eleanor Hopton had one daughter, Elizabeth, who married Roger Corbet. 

Corbet received:- 



Cotheridge was held jointly with Vaux.

Roger and Elizabeth Corbet sold their inheritance to Robert and Joan Vere, who later sold to Nicholas Carew.

Vaux Part of the Gurney Inheritance

William and Maud Vaux had a son William.

Vaux held Cotheridge jointly with Corbet. 


The Division of Burford


The history of the Burford division is not available. All that is known is that the Cornwall inheritance later passed to the Vaughan family. The Burford Division was held by these two families for some hundreds of years.


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