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1067 A1067:1 Charter of William I to the Bishop of Worcester re Cullacliffe. Witnesses:- Queen Matilda Archbishop of York Odo of Bayeux Wulfstan of Worcester Aegelwi of Evesham Wilston Earl William Earl Roger Richard Scrob Urse d'Abetot, minister Osbern, minister Robert d'Oilli, minister.

1079-86 A1079:1 Precept by William I to Urse the Sheriff, Osbern FitzEscrop, and the men of Worcestershire re the rights of Bishop Wulfstan. Witnesses:- Goisfrid the Bishop Robert de Ivri.

1080-87 A1080:1 Notification by King William to Bishop Wulfstan, Urse d'Abetot, and Osbern FitzRichard, and the barons of Worcestershire re the restoration of land to Evesham Abbey. Witness:- William, Bishop of Durham.


1086 A1086:1 Certain lands, laid to King Edward's farm in Westbury by a certain Sapina, and get accounted for by the sheriff, are held by The Abbot of Cormeilles Osbern William FitzRichard in:- 'Chire (Kyre, Worcs) Clifton (Clifton on Teme, Worcs) Ladewent (Edvin Loach, Worcs) Newent Kingston.

1086 A1086:10 Richards Castle, formerly Auretone

Richards Castle lay in Cutestornes Hundred, Herefordshire

The Castle, thus named from Richard Scrupe its founder, was in Herefordshire, where also the vill of Richards Castle still remains. But the greater part of the territory, once attached to this castle, is now in Shropshire.

DB, after noting that Ludford was held by Osbern fitzRichard, says 'the same Osbern has 23 men in Castle Auretone, and they pay him 10 shillings. This castle is worth to him 20 shillings per annum.'

Another passage of the Herefordshire DB gives, as the land of Robert Gernon, Larpol in Ulfei hundred. Ronert Gernon held it of the king. Richard Scrupe held it T.R.E. The later name of this place is Yarpole. The same Robert held 5 1/2 hides in the Chatellany of Auretone. Richard held it T.R.E. It is clear that Richard was Richard Scrupe. Of Robert Gernon, he held 13 manors in Hertfordshire, 9 in Cambridgeshire, 2 in Middlesex, and 1 in Buckinghamshire, all of the king. After DB he is never heard of in connection with Herefordshire. It is difficult to account for Robert Gernon's tenure of Larpole and the Chatellany of Auretone because, at the period of DB, Osbern the son and heir of Richard Scrupe was under no forfeiture, but generally stood in succession to his father's manors. It is certain, however, that both Yarpole and the Chatellany of Auretone returned to Osbern fitzRichard or his heirs. The whole district was in fact called the Honour of Richards Castle.

In 1243 the Herefordshire part of Richards Castle was 3 hides. John Esturmi, Richard de Kinardesley and Jordan de Ludeford were enfeoffed therein, their services being 1/2KF, 1/4KF, and 1/4KF respectively. These feoffments had been granted Robert Mortemer before 1220.

In 1255 the Shropshire part of Richards Castle contained 5 hides, four of which were then in the hands of seven distinct feoffees. The fifth hide, Woollerton, was held by William de Stuteville in demesne. The five hides were called, collectively, the Franchalimot of Woollerton.

The vills which formed the Shropshire part of the Honour were:- Woollerton Ashford Bowdler Overton Batchcott Mora Whitebroc Turford

Woolverton, Woollerton, or Woofferton, in the Herefordshire parish of Richards Castle. In 1210 Ralph de Halictone held 1/20KF in Woollerton. In 1230 Robert de Halton held the same 1/20KF. In 1230 Pagan Carbonel held 1/4KF in Woollerton. In 1221 Edith, the daughter and heir of Robert de Wulvreton sued Pagan Carbonel for a virgate in Wollerton by writ of mort d'anc.

Ashford Bowdler The family of Bollers, Boulers, or Budlers, held thismember of Richards Castle in fee. In 1230 Henry de Boulers held Ashford of Richards Castle for 1/4KF In 1272 Peter de Grete sued Robert de Boliers on two writs for disseisin in Esford Boliers and Wlferton, and against Robert de Bulers and Emma his wife for disseisin in Asford. The defendants lost the cause. A Richards Castle feodary, taken in April 1308, makes John de Boudlers tenant of a 1/4 fee in Asford Budlers.


Overton was a divided manor.

Hubaud's fee This is sometimes said to be in Overton, sometimes in Hulle, a place apparently near to Overton, but now lost. Sometimes it is described as Overton and Hulle. Henry Hubaud held 1/2KF, about 1230, of Richards Castle, in Overton and Hulle. This Henry was the son of another Henry Hubaud who died c1211-2. The Shropshire feodary of 1284 gives Henry Hubaud as holding the vill of Hulle, and half the vill of Overton, for 1/2KF under Robert de Mortemer. On the death of Robert de Mortemer, Laurence de Ludlow was holding the vill of Overton for 1/2KF in free socage of Richards Castle. In 1290 a Kidderminster jury found that Henry Hubaud, then dead, had held Ipsley (in Warwickshire) of John de Hastings who held it of Mortemer of Richards Castle.

Overton's fee The other part of Overton was held for 1/4KF by Robert de Overtone in or about 1210, and 1230, and 1240. In 1255 Richard de Overton was tenant of 3/4 hide in Overton for 1/4KF. In 1267 Richard son of Richard de Overton sued a writ of disseisin against Henry fitzPhilip and Nesta his wife for a messuage and 4 acres in Overton. An inquest of April 1308 gives John de Overton as holding 1/4KF in Overton in that part of the Richards Castle barony which had been allotted to Thomas de Bikenore and Johanna his wife.

Batchcott This was held of Richards Castle by Geoffrey Leky and William de la Hulle in 1255.

Mora This is now represented by Moor Park. William de Bachecot held it in 1255.

Whitebroc This cannot now be traced but was held by Walter Hakelutel in 1255.

Turford in Overton Some early lord of Richards Castle seems to have given this vill to the Templars.

1086 A1086:12 The Domesday Survey

The Lands of Robert Gernon in Herefordshire

1. Yarpole (Wolphy) Larpol Richard Scrope held it TRE 3 hides : value 20 shillings.

2. Richards Castle Auretone Richard held it TRE 5 1/2 hides : value 7

1086 A1086:14 Overs Hundred.

The lords of Richards Castle had overlordship of this hundred. Richard Scrob was lord of Overs hundred at the Conquest. After his time, his successors, finding they could not distribute justice nor punish the folk of the district, gave half the hundred to the king. This joint jurisdiction existed in 1255. Osbern fitzRichard held the overlordship and perquisites of Overs hundred in 1086.



The members of Overs hundred were:-

1. Bitterley Godwin held it TRE Roger de Lacy held it of Earl Roger

2. Burford Osbern fitzRichard held it

3. Caynham Earl Morcar held it TRE Osbern fitzRichard held it of Earl Roger and Ralph de Mortemer held it of Osbern. Robert Veci and Walter were Ralph's subtenants.

4. Coreley Siward held it TRE Ralph de Mortemer held it.

5. Earls Ditton Ralph de Mortemer held it.

6. Henley Almund held it TRE Roger holds of Reginald the Sheriff who holds of Earl Roger

7. Milson Osbern fitzRichard holds it.

8. Lower Ledwich Held by St.Mary's, Worcester

9. Silvington Held by St.Remigii

10. Tetshill and Milbrook Osbern fitzRichard holds it.


1093 Charter of Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester: 1093 Testibus:- Anselmo archiepiscopo Herveio episcopo Baldwino monacho Eustachio monacho Heldebaldo monacho Roberto filio Hugonis Willielmo constabulario Willielmo Malbanc Ranulfo dapifero Hugone Normanni filio Radulpho dapifero Hugone filio Osberni Hammone de Maci Gilberto de Venables Richardo de Vernon Richardo de Rullos Bigod de Loges Richardo filio Nigelli Roberto filio Serli Ranulfo venatore Erneiso venatore

Hugh FitzOsbern witnessed as a baron of the County of Chester.

1093 Charter of Robert FitzHugh to St.Werburgh: 1093 Teste:- Willielmo Nigelli filio et fratre ejus Richardo, Ranulpho dapifero Bigod Hamone de Maci Hugone Osberni filio Hugone Normanni filio Fulcone de Bajunvilla Unfrido de Constentin Willielmo de Berneres Acardo

Robert FitzHugh was an illegitimate son of the Earl of Chester.

1093 Charter of Seward to St.Werburgh: 1093 Teste:- Willielmo Constabulario Hugone Osberni filio Wimundo de Col.

m1093 Charter of William Malbanc to St.Werburgh: Teste:- Comitissa (Countess of Chester) Ricardo Banastre Hugone Osberni filio Bigod de Hoge Ricardo Pincerna et Suardo. (Siward?)

1096-1112 A1096:1 Confirmation by Bishop Samson of the grant of the advowson of Dodderhill to the monks of Worcester by Osbern FitzRichard, lord of Wychbold.

This sort of confirmation was intended to reassert the rights of the Church, and could have been issued after Osbern's death.

m1100 A1100:1 Confirmation by Bishop Samson of Osbert FitzRichard's grant of Boraston and the church of Dodderhill.

This may be the same document as that dated 1096-1112.

1100-30 A1100:2 Confirmation by Henry I to Gerard, Bishop of Hereford, Hugh de Lacy, and the barons of Herefordshire re the grant by Hugh Asinus of the manor of Livers Ocle, Herefordshire. Witnesses:- Osbern FitzRichard Richard FitzPons Roger de l'Isle

Osbern FitzRichard was dead by 1100. Richard FitzPons was presumed dead by 1130. This confirmation was probably issued after the death of Osbern FitzRichard and the witness list has been copied from Hugh Asinus's charter.

1100-10 A1100:4 Worcester Cartulary. Early Henry I. Notification by Hugh FitzOsbern that he has confirmed the gift of Boraston, granted by his father, (Osbern FitzRichard).

Boraston, part of Burford, is not in DB. Burford's 6 1/2 hides include Boraston. This charter implies that Boraston was assessed at 2 hides.

1100-23 A1100:5 Worcester Cartulary. Early 12th century; before 1123. Confirmation by Hugh FitzOsbert of his father's grant of Boraston and the church of Dodderhill, to which he adds, for the souls of his father Osbert, and his mother Nest, one saltpan in Droitwich. Witnesses:- Ailrico Archdiacono Hugh Archdiacono Fritherico Colebrando diacono Wilfwio, priest of Dodderhill Tancred, my chaplain Adam, my brother Thurstan, my uncle Richard de Escrop Ralph de Coleshulla Richard FitzHyldewini Aldwin de Bureford Ernsi de Codderugia

Hugh fitzOsbern was dead by 1119. The lay witnesses were either relatives or tenants of Richards Castle. The charter states the parents of Hugh FitzOsbern, a brother and an uncle. Richard de Escrop and Ralph de Coleshill were cousins.

1108-1118 A1108:1 J.H.Round The Worcestershire Survey; 1108-18 This survey relates to the lands of the See of Worcester that lay within Worcestershire. From a writ on fo.136 we may infer that there had been some dispute between the sheriff and the Church of Worcester as to the number of hides in the county for which the latter should be rated. This inquest or survey was the consequence of that dispute. The date is roughly determined by the facts that Urse d'Abetot was dead when it was made, while the Count of Meulan is entered as a tenant, so it may be dated as later (at the earliest) than 1108, and previous to the death of the Count of Meulan in July, 1118. It contains a comparison, manor by manor, between this survey and the Domesday survey. Under Wiche/Wike the following is given:-

Domesday Bishop 3 3/4 hides Urso 9 3/4 hides Robert Dispencer 1/2 hide Osbern FitzRichard 1 hide


1108-18 Bishop 3 hides Walter de Beauchamp 10 1/2 hides Nicholas 1/2 hide Hugh FitzOsbern 1 hide

Osbern FitzRichard of Richard's Castle had been succeeded by his son Hugh FitzOsbern.

Under Blochelei/ Bloccelea the following is given:- Domesday Bishop 25 1/2 hide Richard 2 hide Ansgot 1 1/2 hide Stephen Fil Fulchred 3 hide Hereward 5 hide Monks 1 hide

1108-18 Bishop 22 hide Bishop 2 hide Walter de Beauchamp 5 hide "Daeilisford" 3 hide "Eunilade" 5 hide monks 1 hide

The increase in the holdings of Walter de Beauchamp are explained by the 'aggressions' of Urse d'Abitot, the sheriff of Worcestershire.

1108-1118 An extract from a Survey of Oswaldslow Hundred, printed by Hearne in Hemings Cartulary.

In Wike (Wick Episcopi) 15 hides Hugh fitzOsbern held 1 hide at Kodere (Cotheridge)

1115-23 A1115:1 Worcester Cartulary: Confirmation by Bishop Theulf of the gift of Boraston by Osbert FitzRichard, and confirmed by Hugh his son.

The confirmation was probably issued after the deaths of both Osbert and Hugh.

1119 Charter of Richard, Earl of Chester, to St.Werburgh: 1119 Testibus:- Ranulpho Meschin et Willielmo fratre suo Willielmo Constabulario et Ricardo fratre suo Hugone Malbanc Osberno Meschyn Hugono filio Osberni et Willelmo fratre ejus

Hugone Malbanc was the successor to William Malbanc. Richard, Earl of Chester, was the son of Hugh, Earl of Chester. Richard died in the White Ship disaster in 1119. Hugh FitzOsbern also died in 1119 and may have been in the same ship. Osbern Meschin was the son of Hugh FitzOsbern. Meschin means the younger, and distinguishes him from his grandfather, Osbern FitzRichard. William was probably known as William Blund, and appears as a tenant in the Domesday Survey.

1119-24 Charter of Ranulph, Earl of Chester, confirming the gifts of his men: after 1119; probably 1124. Hugo filius Osberni dedit unam mansuram in Cestria et unam pratum quod vocatur Kingeseya. Testimonio:- Willielmi Meschini Willielmi Constabularii et Radulfi dapiferi Hugonis Malbanc Ricardi Banastre Hugonis filii Osberni Osberni filii Hugonis Roberti de Maci Roberti filii Bigoti Adae de Praers Gaufridi capellani Gurgicii doctoris Ricardi filii Nigelli

Robertus de Maci was the second son of Hamo de Maci Adam de Praers, lord of Barthomley.

c1120 The Droitwich Survey: undated but one generation after Domesday.

The survey appears on a page of M.S. HARL. 3763 (fo 82) There are 10 hides in Wich (Droitwich) St.Guthlac of Hereford holds one hide, and William fitzRichard holds it of St.Guthlac.

J.R.Round states 'Although the tenant of St.Guthlac's hide is here given as William fitzRichard, it is entered in the later survey as held by his son Robert fitzWilliam of William de Beauchamp.

The later survey refers to a fragment of a survey found in an Evesham cartulary. This is labelled Cott. MS Vesp. B.XXIV. fo.8 and is undated. It states:- At Wich (Droitwich) one hide of St.Guthlac's land which Robert fitzWilliam holds.

Round states, ' Roughly speaking, the date of the survey of which this is a fragment is a generation later than that of the Hundred of Oswaldslow, for two great Worcestershire landowners, Walter de Beauchamp and Hugh fitzOsbern, have been respectively succeeded by their sons, William de Beauchamp and Osbern fitzHugh.

m1120 Charter of Ralph, Earl of Chester, restoring Drayton to Geva Ridel, as Earl Hugh had given it to her in free marriage. Witness, inter alia:- Hugone filio Osberti

1120-50 Ranulph, Earl of Chester, to Hugh son of Bigod. Testibus:- Walthuo filio Wulfrici Hugone filio Osberti Serlone Oinatore Ricardo Bacone Ranulpho Venatore Galfrido Hostiario Roberto filio Golelatin

Walthuus filius Wulfrici was lord of Marton and father-in-law of Gilbert Venables. Richard Bacon, a nephew of Earl Ranulph, founded Roucester Abbey about 1146.

1123-30 A1123:1 Notification of confirmation by Henry I to the sheriff of Gloucestershire. Henry I confirmed a grant by Richard FitzPons of Turkdean, Gloucs., with leave of Hugh FitzOsbert, whose fee it is.

Witnesses:- Brian FitzCount William FitzOdo Hugh Bigod Miles of Gloucester

The basis of the dating is not stated, except that Richard FitzPons is believed to have died in 1130.

William Leofric held Lower Turkdean at DB. Geoffrey held it from him. 5 hides and 1 1/2 virgates.

Robert d'Oilly held Upper Turkdean at DB. 5 hides and 2 1/2 virgates. He held Naunton of Osbert FitzRichard. Turkdean is 3m south of Naunton.

1137-39 A1137:4 Source not stated. Confirmation of the gift of Roger Corbet and Hugh de Say and Margaret his wife, of the tithe of Imencia.

Impney was a manor belonging to Richards Castle, but the first lord of Richards Castle named Hugh de Say did not succeed until 1185.

1137-39 A1137:3 Worcester: Tempus Stephen: 1137-39. Confirmation of the gift of Boraston with the church of Dyderenhyl (Dodderhill) and salt at Wych, by Osbert FitzRichard, and his son Hugh, and Osbert the son of Hugh.

m1140 a1140:1 Worcester Cartulary. Notification by Osbert FitzHugh and Eustachia, his mother, that the monks of Worcester had agreed to the making of a cemetery in Cotheridge. Witnesses:- Simon, Bishop of Worcester Gervase Archdeacon Pagan Clerk John FitzFrederick Simon, nephew of the bishop Walter Clerk Thomas, Abbot of Pershore William Dapifer Ranulf the Priest Baldwin Dapifer S. FitzAldwin, (son of Aldwin de Bureford 1100-1123?) Turold FitzEdwin Baldric of Cotheridge H. de Overton B. FitzThurstan

Osbern FitzHugh succeeded his father after 1158. He married Amicia, daughter of Walter de Clifford. Eustachia was Eustachia de Say.

Osbern FitzRichard held 1 hide in Cotheridge, part of the manor of Wick Episcopi in St.John's, Worcester, in 1086.

1152-54 Treaty of Devizes. Witnesses ex parte Comitis Ranulfi:- Willelmo, Comite Lincolnie Hugone Wac G. Castellano de Fines Simone filio Willelmi Turstano de Monteford Gaufrido de Constentin Willelmo de Verd. Ricardo Pincerna Rogero Wac Simone filio Osberti

Simone filio Osberti held the Blunt and Colegrim fees of the lords of Richards Castle.

m1158 A1158:1 Source not stated. Osbert FitzHugh gave the church (of Droitwich?) to the nuns of Westwood about 1158.

1160-61 A1160:1 Liber Rubeus: Hereford Osbert FitzHugh : 15 KF

1166 A1166:1 THE LIBER NIGER The Liber Niger, or Black Book of the Exchequer, is mainly the result of an order made in the year 1165, or the beginning of 1166, on every tenant in capite of the Crown, to return a list before the first Sunday in Lent (March 17, 1166), of all who held under him by knight's service, stating whether such tenure was of old or of new feoffment, that is, whether it had existed from the days of Henry I, or had arisen since. Subject to this order there was a return made and enrolled of the following Shropshire baronies:- FitzAlan Castle Holgate Clun Lacy and of some tenures of lesser extent, but there is no record of the Domesday baronies of:- Corbet Mortimer Say of Richard's Castle and several other lesser but then-existent fiefs.

Osbern FitzHugh, the then baron of Richard's Castle, made a return, but it was informal, and so was sent back to be amended. William de Beauchamp, who had charge to see to its correction, was sheriff of Herefordshire and Worcestershire, yet the note of this transaction is erroneously given in the Liber Niger under Northamptonshire. Osbern fitzHugh's amended return nowhere appears. The statement of this barony is inserted under Herefordshire.

The term 'Say of Richards Castle' is an anachronism. The lords of Richards Castle did not adopt the surname 'Say' until 1185. There was probably no error either in the return or its place of origin. The crown frequently queried Richards Castle feodaries, the problem being that all Shropshire knights fees were a special case. The men of Shropshire were obligated to defend the border with Wales, and never served in the national army. Osbern may have been resident in Northamptonshire rather than in Herefordshire or Worcestershire, and in any case the caput of his barony was in Shropshire.

1167 A1167:1 Osbern FitzHugh amerced by Alan de Neville, Justice of the Forest, but was excused by the king.

1168 A1168:1 Osbern FitzHugh's barony consisted of 23 knight's fees. The basis of this computation is uncertain. Other documents rate Richards Castle at 32 3/4 knights fees.

m1170 A1170:1 Worcester Cartulary Settlement of a dispute by Osbert FitzHugh.

Witnesses:- Hugh de Say, Osbert's brother Roger de Solers Robert de Sturmi William de Witinton William Carbonel Eustace de Estam or d'Estas Philip de Woruesl' Simon Blund Andrea Ethelmo de Lawe David, brother of Ethelmo de Lawe John de Wdestun Osbert de Cnithon (Knighton on Teme?) Ralph, son of Osbert de Cnithon Thomas FitzKetelburn

Simon Blund was the then holder of the Blunt and Colegrim fees in Lincolnshire. Hugh de Say, Osbert's brother, succeeded to the barony in 1185.

1173-77 Deed re Badger.

Osbern fitzHugh must under feudal law ratify the act of the mesne lord, Guy le Strange. The deed by which he did so is preserved. Osbern fitzHugh's confirmation is as follows:-

Osbertus filius Hugonis, omnibus hominibus suis et amicis suis Francis et Anglicis salutem. Sciatis quod ego vendicionem illam quam Willelmus de Begesoura et uxor sua et heres suus fecerunt Philippo filio Stephani in Comitatu Salopessirie de terra de Baggesoura cum omnibus pertinenciis suis coram Widone Extranes qui terram illam de me tenet, et concessionem et donationem Widonis Extranei quas fecit predicto Philippo de eadem terra concedo, et quicquid carta Widonis Extranei super his testatur concedo et carta mea confirmo.


His testibus:- Fretherico Capellano Reginaldo Presbytero Adam Presbytero Roger Clerico de B. (Presum. Badger) Galfrido Clerico Philippo de Cure (Kyre) Willmo de Muleston (Milson) Alexandro de Puclesdon Willmo de Wicestre (Worcester) Radulfo de Cnulle (Knill) Pagano de Heches (Nash) Willmo Carb. de Hesefordia (Ashford) Hauci de Stepeltunia (Stapleton) Lofwino filio Lefwini Waltero Juveni de Cliffordia (Clifford) Ricardo fratre suo Roberto Wiart Ricardo de Bles Willmo de Loges Galfrido de Lam Philippo de Colington Osbert de Cure (Kyre) Willmo de Cure (Kyre) Roberto de Hop Benett de Hop Raulfo le Blun (Blund) Samson de Chend Heliis de Brerlecton Stephano de Midelton

Most of these witnesses were feoffees of Osbern fitzHugh in different counties. The two Cliffords were brothers of his wife; brothers also of Fair Rosamund.

Raulfo le Blund is Ralph fitzSimon of Ormesby. By this time he had succeeded his father Simon Blund as lord of the Blunt and Colegrim fees, of which the lords of Richards Castle were overlords. Simon and Osbern were cousins.

The seal of this deed is 2 inches in diameter. It represents a knight on horseback, charging at full speed. The legend is gone.

Probably dated 1173-77.

1174-85 Charter re Ashford Carbonel

This was the only manor in Culvestan Hundred which was held by the barons of Richards Castle, who held it in chief. Osbern fitzRichard held Ashford Carbonel at DB.

At DB Carbonel held the Herefordshire manor of Lacre of the king in chief. William, son of Geoffrey Carbonel, claimed 1/2 hide in the manor of Harcott in 1203. William Carbonel attested a charter of the then lord of Richards Castle in 1174.

The charter enfeoffing the Carbonels is dated between 1174 and 1185.

"Osbern fitzHugh grants, with the consent of Hugh, his brother, to William Carbonel and his heirs, to hold of the grantor and his heirs, all his land viz. Hesford (Ashford) and Huvertone (Overton in Burford manor) for the service of 1/2KF. Witnesses:- Hugh de Say Hugh his son Peter de Grete Philip his son Robert Esturmi Gilbert de Muleston Robert Wiard William de Witinton Hugh his son Richard Chaplain Master Godefrid Pain de Ludeford Ralph de Bintan (Binton in Warwickshire) John Trussebu, seneschal and nine others.

Hugh de Say and his son Hugh were both, successively, lords of Richards Castle. The death of the younger Hugh, in the wars in Wales, ended the family's connection with Richards Castle and the Welsh Marches. In 1210, a feodary of the Honour of Richards Castle has William Carbonel as holding 1/2KF therein. In 1259, Geoffrey, son of Geoffrey le Tayleur and William de Val with his wife Joan, sued Richard Carbonel for respectively 1/3 and 2/3 of a virgate (30 acres) at Ashford. In 1287 Richard Carbonel held Overton and Ashford for 1/2KF of Robert de Mortimer.

1176 A1176:1 Osbern FitzHugh was amerced for forest trespass in Worcestershire.

1185 A1185:1 Osbern FitzHugh died without issue.

1185 A1185:2 Hugh FitzHugh, brother of Osbern, paid 200 marks for livery of his brother's lands in 1185.

Hugh married Lucia, daughter of Walter de Clifford. He died in 1190 leaving two sons, Hugh and Richard.

1190 A1190:1 Hugh de Say, son of Hugh FitzHugh, fined for his land in 1190.

The wife of Hugh de Say was Mabil, daughter of Robert Marmion. Hugh de Say was associated with Roger de Mortimer of Wigmore in the battle of Radnor and both were defeated. Mabil de Say had dower in 1199.

Hugh de Say left a daughter Margaret.


1190-96 Neen Sollers, alias Neen Baldwin

Osbert fitzHugh had granted Neen to Baldwin le Poer. Baldwin's heirs were his three daughters. Hugh de Say granted the marriages of Baldwin's heirs to Roger de Solariis of Dorston or Dorsington, Herefordshire.

The eldest, Petronille, married somebody de Fraxino. Elena and Eustachia married men called de Solars.

Hugh, son of Hugh de Say granted to Roger de Solars, Neen, which Osbert fitzHugh, his uncle, gave to Baldwin. Witnesses:- Walter Clifforde William de Mara Walter de Solars Robert Sturmy William de Clifford William Earby Robert Wiard William de Grete John Walsh.

Neen Sollars alias Neen Baldwin was held at DB by Siward of Osbern fitzRichard.

1198 Pipe Roll: 1198 Hugo de Say : Hereford Hugo de Say gave L40-3-8d pro fine terre sue. Hugo de Say gave L23 for scutage.

This entry is an anachronism, since this Hugh died in 1196. It probably records the payment of an outstanding debt, owed by Hugh and discharged by his executors.


1198 A1198:1 Pipe-Roll: 1198 Hugo de Ferrers gave 300 marks to have the wife, daughter, and possessions of Hugo de Say. Pledges:- Walkelin de Ferrers and Geoffrey de Say.

Hugo de Ferrers has here bought the wardship of the estate, together with the right to marry the widow and daughter to whomever he pleases. According to other documents he married the daughter, Margery de Say, himself but died without heirs.


Geoffrey fitzPeter, Earl of Essex, Chief Justice of England and Acting Viceroy of King John, then absent in Touraine, to Philip de Gret, greeting. We enjoin you that without delay you do full right to Roger de Bagesoure concerning two parts of half a hide of land and an eighth part of a mill in Beckebir, which parts he claims to appertain to his free tenement which he holds of you in the same vill by the free service of five shillings per annum for all services; which parts Hugh de Beckebir withholds from him. And except you this do let the sheriff of Salopesire see to the doing hereof; and let him no more have to complain for want of justice. Witness myself at Brug the 26th day of September, 1199.

The premises alluded to were doubtless part of the half hide of land which had remained to Roger's father in 1196. We now see that the said tenure was under Philip de Grete, a great feoffee of the barons of Richards Castle.


In 1221 William de Stuteville and his wife Margery gave or confirmed the advowson of the church of Droitwich to St.Mary, Worcester. William was the third husband of Margery de Say.




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